International Independent Board for Lean Certification

Important message for candidates CBBL® and CChL®

Due to new anti COVID 19 measures, we ask that all candidates preparing the practical part of their CBBL® or CChL® do NOT send their reports to us at this time.We are unable to treat them as we should and can not keep delays as necessary.
There will be NO penalty for violating the "one calendar year rule" !

Independent Lean Certification in 10+ countries and 4 continents!
You have worked and studied for years to build up your knowledge and skills in the domain of Lean, be it in industry, service, healthcare or any other environment. But what do you have to show for it? Your successful implementations are recognised within your own company, but you want the whole world to know!

About Lean certification and driving licences
When it comes to passing a driving test, everybody agrees that this test needs to be passed via an independent organisation, NOT via the driving school that taught you in the first place. So why not impose the same requirement on a Lean certification? Don't settle for an "I have been physically present" certificate or a certificate coupled to any mandatory training! IIBLC® is a truly independent certification organisation!

Your benefit!
Now, you can prove to yourself, your (present or future) company and others that you do master the necessary knowledge and skills in Lean thanks to the international (already available in more than ten countries throughout Europe, North Africa, the Americas and Asia) independent certification programme of the International Independent Board for Lean Certification® (IIBLC®). This programme gives you the opportunity to become part of the Lean certified community and improve your value both to yourself and your company (present or future) without any obligation regarding pre-requisite!

So, don't hesitate and sign-up for the objective tests and get certified by going to the "exam centres" page and click on the signup button under the exam centre closest to you or learn more about IIBLC® and our programme by exploring this website.

We hope to welcome you soon in our Lean certified community!


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» Coronavirus impact on March exam session

Exam session March has been cancelled in several places due to anti-coronavirus measures. Check with your local exam centre to know if your exam is concerned!

» Lean event at CCI MBO Quimper

On Dec. 4th, CCIMBO Quimper organised a Lean event. IIBLC® president, Luc Van Landeghem, had the honour to deliver a keynote. See full article for pictures

» IIBLC® has moved!

As from Oct. 1st, IIBLC® has moved to its new location.
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