Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity.
- Albert Einstein


NEW: BOK version 2017

The new version of the IIBLC® Book Of Knowledge (Aug. 2017) is now published!
For orders: check your local exam centre.

Major changes:

  • updates in versions of references
  • new references
  • updates in topics to better reflect references

IIBLC® office closed

IIBLC® office will be closed from August 10th till August 18th 2017 (included)

Limited response to e-mails will be available as from August 16th.

2018 exam dates published !

The exam dates for 2018 are now published! Find them here.

New exam centre in Costa Rica

As of today, Grow Up is our new exam centre for Costa Rica.

This expands the presence of IIBLC® in Central America.
Find all details of Grow Up here.

New Certified Champion in Lean certificates awarded in Italy (update Apr 3th)

During a small ceremony in Bologna, Italy, the CChL® was awarded to:

Mr. Pietro Andreetti

Pietro Andreetti

Left to right: Luc Van Landeghem-president IIBLC®, Pietro Andreetti, Daniele Meldolesi-Partner ADVANCE Operations Management School s.r.l.

Mr. Paolo Zanetti

Paolo Zanetti

Left to right: Luc Van Landeghem-president IIBLC®, Paolo Zanetti, Daniele Meldolesi-Partner ADVANCE Operations Management School s.r.l.

At the same occasion, 4 CBBL® Certified Black Belt in Lean certificates were awarded.


Happy Holidays

Happy 2017

First CGBL® certificates in Manila and Saint Petersburg

We are proud to announce that we have awarded the first CGBL® Certified Green Belt in Lean certificates in both Manila and Saint Petersburg!

On September 10th, exams were held for the first time in both locations.

Congratulations to all candidates that passed their exam (in all locations!)

First exam in Manila

Some pictures of the first exam in Manila:

Exam day Manila

exam day Manila2

IIBLC® goes East!

Just a couple of days after welcoming OBS in our community, I am again very proud and pleased to be able to announce you that IIBLC® is growing once again!
Indeed, INNOVEO from Manila, Philippines, has joined us as exam centre for Manila area. Their details can be found here. They have their first candidates lined up for the September exam!

IIBLC® is expanding further!

As from today, Open Business School in Saint-Petersburg is our new exam centre for the Russian Federation.

You can find the details of this centre here.

We are very happy to welcome OBS in our community and wish them success on their journey.